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Our Passion and Principle Driver

An immersive, hands on team who can retool, restructure and generate a new course for startups or growth stage companies, to hit key metrics needed for a future event.

We take businesses to the next level.

Growth Consultants:  As your company requires new resources (capital, people, or technology) and its revenue increases as a result. 

Scaling Consultants:  We look for ways to increase revenue without a substantial increase in resources.  (examples. Standardization, automation, process improvements) 


Our Companies

Companies we are Leading to Commercialization



Develop and acquire industry-leading science in our core markets: anti-aging, skin care. CBD formulations, and biotech.


Generate multiple revenue streams and bring these life-enhancing formulations to market by:
• License formulations and technologies
      to major brands, spas and franchises
   •  Develop in-house brands such as

       BioXskincare and CBD Sciences in

       addition leverage our long-standing

       relationships in the entertainment

       industry to partner with celebrities

       (celebrity branded lines), capitalizing on

       our team’s experience and proven-

       track-record of building billion-dollar



Exit in 3 to 5 years through sale of company and / or individual assets to larger company or initial public offering.



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