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Xcellerate Biomedical Technologies was founded with the intention to be a leader in forging change, fostering growth, and helping bring products and services to market that have a positive impact on health and humanity. Since our establishment, we’ve had the amazing opportunity to invest and partner with several innovative biomedical startups who have achieved measurable success. Our team members play an active role in operationalizing and commercializing these opportunities to make sure the products and services leave the lab and get into the hands of those who need them. If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for your business idea, contact us to schedule a meeting.


Our Companies

Companies we are Leading to Commercialization



Develop and acquire industry-leading science in our core markets: anti-aging, skin care. CBD formulations, and biotech.


Generate multiple revenue streams and bring these life-enhancing formulations to market by:
• License formulations and technologies
      to major brands, spas and franchises
   •  Develop in-house brands such as

       BioXskincare and CBD Sciences in

       addition leverage our long-standing

       relationships in the entertainment

       industry to partner with celebrities

       (celebrity branded lines), capitalizing on

       our team’s experience and proven-

       track-record of building billion-dollar



Exit in 3 to 5 years through sale of company and / or individual assets to larger company or initial public offering.



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