Authority Magazine - How extremely busy executives make time to be great parents

Take liberal doses of natural curiosity and imagination, mix them with a unique skill set, global vision, and the drive to succeed, and you’ll get Ben Smith. Ben’s passion for building and scaling businesses trace back to age seven when he decided to transform his lemonade stand into a golf-cart mounted mobile marketing platform, selling out of drinks daily at the local park. His father’s work at IBM spurred a lifelong love for technology and how it can change the prospects of companies, large and small. When he wasn’t running through the halls of IBM asking questions, observing, and learning about technology, he was teaching himself programming on his at-home AS400. Ben’s first IT business consulting started in high school was so successful that he continued, paying his way through college by flexing his growing IT muscles for local companies.

Ben has many roles, one of them being a dad. He recently spoked with Autohirty Magazine on how he balances being an executive and a great parent:

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