Beauty Independent: Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson Reveal Money Secrets Beauty Industry Has Kept Secret

Leading up to the super influencer and brand founder’s collaboration with comedian and YouTuber Shane Dawson, the duo posted a docuseries featuring a conversation with Emine ErSelcuk, vice president of global retail at Morphe, disclosing Morphe would potentially purchase 350,000 to 500,000 units from their upcoming collaboration to yield $13 million to $20 million in sales. In total, the pair disclosed the expectation that the collaboration would generate $35 million in sales.

Star and Dawson’s openness has been welcomed by consumers, but makes many in the beauty industry skittish. Our CEO, Ben Smith, as well as several other beauty entrepreneurs and consultants, spoke with Beauty Independent about their thoughts on money matters being shared and if it's beneficial. Read the full article here:

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