Thrive Global - How extremely busy executives make time to be great parents

Ben learned early in life that listening and making strategic connections were the keys to innovating. His considerable early IT experience, education, and innate ability to connect with the right people launched a 15-year career in operations management in a variety of sectors within the global IT space. Ben’s curiosity and dedication to connecting the dots have placed him at the helm of biotech startup Xcellerate BioMedical Technologies, the parent company of BioXskincare. In partnership with companies such as Beacon Biomedical and CBD Sciences. Ben and his seasoned team are leveraging and supporting the work of research scientists to create solid operating organizations and build world-class brands that focus on M&A opportunities. Ben’s core focus? Turning research into revenue. Investors take note.

Ben has many roles, one of them being a dad. He recently spoke with Thrive Global on how he balances being an executive and a great parent:

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